Oh! MG Photography is based out of South Phoenix, AZ but will travel within reason to make the session really pop!  I’ve been in business for two years but it feels more like 10 with all the progress i’ve made and hurdles I’ve overcome.

I specialize in children & families both with portraits and lifestyle sessions. I specialize in these because I feel as though I depict memories and moments best with that audience. Someone who SPECIALIZES means that they focus completely on it.

With that said, YES I do other things: Birthday parties, Events – but only per request and availability is limited.

Oh! MG Photography is also a photo editing service as of March 2014.

tad bit of a background

I’m a midwesterner at heart but I HATE snow & temperatures lower than 70º.

I’m a blissfully wed 20-something year old and together my husband and I have a little girl.

We live 2200 miles away from our families so I know how important it is to “write home” with tons of pictures.

I’ve always, since I can remember, had a camera with me. Disposable, of course because we’re talking the 90’s. Then in the early 2000’s I got my first digital.

After getting married in 2007 my amazing husband made it a point to buy me a new and better camera every year, until he purchased me my first DSLR (cropped frame), and eventually my second DSLR (full frame.)

I shoot with a Nikon D600, and I enjoy what I do.

Moments are so precious and I just I love to capture them, because sometimes with just the change of a footstep a “usual moment” could become “an amazing photograph”.

What sets me apart? 

I bring candy to a shoot, and I try and make kids laugh. I’m a mom! I get kids.  I also get how you might feel as a woman (tired, overwhelmed).

I make husbands and boyfriends feel comfortable by letting them know not every husband and boyfriend wants to be at these things.

I joke, and I make things light-hearted because that’s what photography is good at.. capturing real smiles on a carefree day.

I care about your dollar and how far it can go. (I want it to go far!)  I want you to be like, “wow. that was 100% worth it.”


So, the name Oh!MG.

Obviously my name is Melissa Garcia. Thats where the MG comes from.

My friend Amie, who is the one who really pushed for me to charge money and become legitimized (despite my husband’s efforts to make me do it even before her) started to abbreviate everyones names with the first letter of their first name. For some reason, however, I became MG. When something online would be chatted about and I said something silly, Amie would retort with,” Oh MG.” So, I said (jokingly) “If I ever become a photographer that’s what my name will be, Oh!MG.” Mimicking the abbreviation of “OMG”

I have thought about changing it. I really have. Not because I don’t like it; because sometimes I feel overly unique. BUT I can’t. The name has too much behind it.  Behind every name there’s  a story!