“Totes Gratis – what the?” Photoshop & Lightroom assistance with Oh! MG Editing | Phoenix, AZ

I am by no means a jedi of digital editing however I am very well versed and can find my way out of a problem very easily in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.

I have been outsource editing for a little over a year now along side my photography venture, and its proven to be a very rewarding job. Not only for my clientele but because I’m always answering questions, learning, and furthering my knowledge in the field.

Lately i’ve found a love for making short quicktime videos and shooting them off via email or text message to better help someone understand a method or answer a question about these programs.

Yesterday, I helped a gal with a question and she said, “let me know if I owe you anything!” I said, “Nah, it’s totes gratis.”

totally free. two words a creative loves to hear together.

With that said, I created Totes Gratis Thursday. #TGT

Send me your questions via Facebook message, tweet, IG message, email – however! I’ll answer questions on Thursdays.

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Email: Melissa@ohmgphoto.com

they’ll only be sent back to you! So no worries about questions that may seem silly or easy.

Community over competition, people. Knowledge is power.

Monsoon season sunsets – Oh! MG Photography | Family & Children’s Photographer in Phoenix, AZ

oh! MG photography family photographer phoenix azMonsoon season here in AZ brings terrible bouts of storms. The weather report can easily make or break a scheduled photo shoot, and the heat and humidity that come from it all is something no one wants to sit in for a session.

However, besides the sound of rain on the sun lights in the bathroom, there comes an amazing thing: THE SUNSETS.
Now, this is just an iPhone 5S photo. I want to enlarge it and maybe print it on metal one day. Can you image if I had my Nikon with me?
This photo was taken from the base of South Mountain, south of Phoenix, AZ.

Can you imagine if I had the sillhouette of a family in the foreground of this photo? A woman can dream.

Summer Time Lifestyle – Oh! MG Photography | Phoenix, AZ Family & Children’s Photographer

[another personal post]

Our summer here was not your typical summer. We have a weird  unique household dynamic and it sets us apart. My daughter spent her summer at a daily ASU camp, my husband spent the summer working abroad, and I spent the summer enjoying quiet time from 8-5pm and working my tail end off to afford our July vacation to MI.

After school started though, here in Phoenix, it’s still summer. It’s August and 110 degrees. We can still enjoy summer activities.  Sort of NEED to enjoy them to stay sane. So we put the pool up because my husband not only was going stark-mad by way of the heat wave but because the pool was just sitting disassembled in a outdoor container. A pool unused during 110 degree heat is stupid!

Thus, our pool went up.

All 14 feet of its above-ground roundness.

Family Photographer in Phoenix, AZ

I’m not a huge fan of the pool. Not sure why. I mean maybe it’s because when I’m in it I feel compelled to clean it all the time. Or maybe because the bees get a notification on their tiny iPhones that there are people in the pool and it’s time to come bug the crap out of us. (can you tell Ive been stung before?)

But those two? they love the pool. & I love these pictures.

Little Miss “Can’t Get Her Way” – Oh! MG Photography | Phoenix, AZ Family & Children’s Photographer

[ a little personal post]

Family Photographer Phoenix AZ

So I’m nothing short of in love with my 80-200mm lens that I received for my birthday.

Yesterday after putting up our pool for the heat wave we are having my daughter came in from swimming and was mad because I said she had to get dressed, and no, she couldn’t wear her towel as a cape. Her emotion caught here; her sulking, is just great.

Rachel Yamagata Happenstance

The top image actually reminds me a lot of one of Rachel Yamagata’s album cover to Happenstance. If you’ve never heard her music before; it’s very very mellow and good for a relax day.

Maddox Family – Oh! MG Photography: a session while on vacation in MI

Oh! MG Photography took a little vacation away from Phoenix, AZ and went back to Grand Rapids, MI for a few weeks to see family. I knew that while I was there I had to get some sort of shoot in!!

I’ve known Philicia since preschool. Like literally, we went to the same school pretty much up until college.  She got a real education though at Kendall College, and I just went to community college down the street.

But we both have a passion for photography so when I was home visiting MI with my family I knew I had to capture her little boy (who was turning 1 shortly after the shoot) to play with my new 80-200 mm lens that my amazing husband got me for my birthday.

Phoenix Arizona Family Photographer Family Photographer Phoenix AZ Phoenix Arizona Family Photographer

I loved seeing her little family! Here’s to friendships that thrive on time and distance.

Baby D – Oh! MG Photography | Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix Arizona Family Photographer

Baby D was welcomed into this world last week. Gorgeous, calm, fresh, innocent baby D.

This little man is the reason I love doing first 48-hr sessions!

A Tea Party with the Levine Kids – Oh! MG Photography | Phoenix, AZ

I first met Heather when she was looking for a photographer to cover her oldest daughters birthday party. I have no recollection of how she was referred to me, but I’m so glad she reached out!

2 years later, here I am back at her house doing the cutest tea party shoot I could hope for. Not only was there one tea party set up, but three!  I adore the lifestyle approach I was able to put on this whole set up.

Just another gorgeous day here in Phoenix, AZ – the perfect cloud cover. Butttt… the humidity drove us inside more than once!

Family Photographer Phoenix AZ

Phoenix Arizona Family Photographer Family Photographer Phoenix AZ Phoenix Arizona Family Photographer Family Photographer Phoenix AZ 2015-08-17_0014

I showed mom and grandma some back of camera sneaks and they were OVER THE MOON excited about receiving these. I’m so hoppy I was able to capture these for you guys. Truly a blessing to be able to collect these memories for you! I love what I’m able to do with photography. Heather you and your mom (MIL?) are just the kindest people and awfully welcoming.

Looking for 2015-2016 Phoenix Brides!  | Oh! MG Photography Phoenix, AZ Wedding Photgrapher

Are you tying the knot this upcoming fall or winter? Oh! MG Photography would love to be invited to capture the day! We won’t be in Phoenix much longer and have so much unfinished business! Email me at Melissa@ohmgphoto.com let’s do coffee ;D #weddings #phoenixwedding #phoenixaz #phoenixmom #phoenixphotographer #phoenixarizona #weddingshots #weddingband #macro #haze #phoenixAzPhotographer #phoenixweddingphotographer #arizonaphotographer #floralarrangement #ohmgphoto #ohmgphotography #fall2015weddings #winter2015wedding #maritalbliss #happy #love #photographersunite #PhoenixAZnetworking

Growing with someone else’s child: A grow-with-me series of images – Oh! MG Photography | Phoenix, AZ

In my last entry I spoke of Corbin’s smash cake session and how fun it was to grow with him and his family over the year.

I’ve compiled a collage through the year.

1st – 48hr (4) (first row)

Newborn (2) – 3mo (2) (second row)

3 mo (1) – 6 mo (2) , 9 mo (1) (third row)

9 month (2) – 12 mo (2) ( fourth row.)

Oh! MG photography Phoenix, AZ Family Photographer

(click for larger image)

anddddd I’d do it all again!

Corbin is 1! A smash of a smash cake session – Oh! MG Photography | Phoenix, AZ

A long long time ago (actually just a year ago) I took on a family session client that booked a grow-with-me package. I was new to town and really needed the clientele, income, and long-term exposure.  Little did I know how AMAZING the experience would be as well as how completely welcoming and lax they were as a family.

I met the Bell’s while they were due with Corbin last year. He was my last newborn  I ever shot! 1st-48 hour session in the hospital, Newborn session at home, 3mo session,  6 mo session, 9 mo session and finally his grand finale of a 1-year smash cake.

Since meeting them and getting to know them we’ve had play dates, i’ve gotten numerous referrals from them, they’ve gotten numerous Starbucks gift cards from me, and I got the honor of shooting their entire extended family when they are all in town.

Without further ado, I present you Corbin in his blue frosting face glory.
Phoenix AZ Family Photographer Oh! MG photography Phoenix AZ Family Photographer Oh! MG photography Phoenix AZ Family Photographer Oh! MG photography Phoenix AZ Family Photographer Oh! MG photography Phoenix AZ Family Photographer Oh! MG photography

Hang tight to see Corbin through the year in a review of our sessions coming to the blog soon!

Carter The Unstoppable: a 9 month Milestone – Oh! MG Photography | Phoenix, AZ

This little adorable face forced a work out upon me when he came over. His adventurous spirit and fast crawling legs had everyone on their toes while he was in front of my lens. Too sweet for words; he’s just a chunk of adorable. Mom you ready for him to walk yet? :)

2015-05-11_00012015-05-11_0018 Oh! MG Photography Phoenix, AZ Photographer, Family, Kids Oh! MG Photography Phoenix, AZ Photographer, Family, Kids Oh! MG Photography Phoenix, AZ Photographer, Family, Kids 2015-05-11_0011 2015-05-11_0002

The gorgeous Kauffmann family – Oh! MG Photography | Phoenix, AZ

This amazing family celebrated 4 years of marriage, and were about to celebrate both their kids birthdays soon after this shoot!

The infectious smiles and happiness I got from the kids really shined through in all these images. Mom and dad were so happy with their session and rightfully so! ( I sort of really love it as well!)

Family Photography Phoenix AZ Childrens Photographer

Contact me to find out how you can book your family an amazing desert portrait and lifestyle session!

See a friends session and want to give them credit for your referral? Let me know who sent you when you e-mail me and you’ll both be in for a treat upon booking!