“A” family : Family Session in Mesa, AZ – Oh! MG Photography | Phoenix, AZ

I had the awesome experience of checking out a new (to me) session location with a real good lookin family! I am IN LOVE with the views we had, and the lighting! When GREAT images come from it – nothing else matters to me!


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thats right– I give you permission to stalk the blog :D

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I have a newfound respect for professional gingerbread house builders [image]: Oh! MG Photography | Phoenix, AZ


I got this gingerbread house for black friday, it’s a Wilton brand from Michaels and on the outside box it’s all perfect and it says hey you can make 4 little houses! woah, super cool, right? That sucker got thrown in my cart super fast.

So fast forward to my daughter relentlessly begging and asking, “when are we gonna make the gingerbread houses?”


I got everyting out and set up.. open up the instructions and its literally step by step on how to make whats on the box. So much for free-will.

anyway– lots of newfound respect for those who make the models for this stuff, or even can make it without cheating and using subsitutes for product-imagery purposes.

The frosting was more stubborn than a toddler getting shots at the doctors.

The candy required tweasers to pick up and strategically place on the houses. (if they stood up because they’re free-standing, dependant on icing as glue.)

props Wilton, props.



Black Friday Special! – Oh! MG Photography | Phoenix, AZ

Oh! MG is presenting a pretty awesome deal for Black Friday.

Phoenix Photographer Black Friday Deal

15 hi-res images digitally delivered

digital album to share online with friends and family

20% off print prices

1 location in the Phoenix valley

30 minutes

Session dates allowed in Jan, Feb, March, April & May ONLY.



Any upgrades are a la cartè. (more images, more time, locations etc.)

**Know a family that would deserve this? buy one for them! Send me their information after purchase and I’ll send them an AWESOME welcome e-mail breaking the fabulous news that you’ve graciously purchased their family the gift of memories!**

STAY TUNED! Friday a blog will post at 6am with the link on how to attain Oh! MG’s Black Friday special rate session!! THIS RATE IS UN-HEARD OF!

Baby “B” 6 month mini (why you should grow with me, Oh! MG) Phoenix AZ Family & Children’s Photography | Oh! MG Photography

Baby “B” & his 6-month grow-with-me Mini went great!

I love the “B” family. I am SO over the moon happy that they decided to take a leap of faith last year and sign me on to be their sons photographer for a full year. They signed on with a Grow-With-Me package.

A grow with me package includes a 3,6,9, and 12 month mini session, the 12 month session being a full session with an optional smash cake. At the end of the year a small album is made and sent to you to remember your child’s first year!

Oh! MG plans to add this awesome oppritunity to the menu in 2015. For more information on how to get in the Grow-With-Me family contact me via the contact link and get in touch with me! Lets make an awesome session happen!


Sunset from South Phoenix, AZ – Family & Children’s Photography | Oh! MG Photography, Phoenix, AZ

There was a day when my daugther wanted to see the sunset, and my husband was working late. We drove on back to South Mountain (our back yard, pretty much) and hiked not far from Scorpions Gulch to view this amazing sunset. Just another memory that I’ll get to look back on some day. Little momma-daughter moments we’ll probably forget one day but can look back on with pictures to remember. anoth reason why you should #takerandomtripswithyourkids

If you ever feel like letting me tag along and capture your family during a south moutanin sunset, or any sunset for that matter – find the contact link above and we can get together and make that happen!


Meet the “F” family – Oh! MG Photography| Phoenix, AZ

Check out this good looking couple and their fur babies! I was so excited to shoot against the Superstition mountains. What a magnificent backdrop that turned out to be.
If you’re interested in booking a session and appearing on my blog, contact me via the contact link and get in touch with me! Lets make an awesome session happen!

Phoenix Childrens Photography Photographer Oh! MG Photographer

P family : Family Session in Glendale – Oh! MG Photography

welcome to Oh! MG Photography Family Phoenix AZ

The “P” Family

They’re receiving their images today.

It was such a great shoot!

They are one of those families that you hope decide to come back to you the next time they need a professional because they were so easy to work with. 



To see the rest of the P family visit their gallery at my portfolio page.

oh! MG Photography South Phoenix, AZ

I successfully failed at a 30-day image challenge (and how!) – Oh! MG Photography |Phoenix, AZ

So, with life the way it currently is, I tried to set unattainable goals and of course to no ones surprise I completely bombed just shy of the finishing line.

It was reminiscent of running a 200 meter dash in track and hitting the wall with just 50 meters to go.

I watched everyone pass the finish line as I was like WHY AM I SLOWING DOWN?

Here’s a hint:


It’s balls to the wall, go go go, make that money, make that dinner, fold that laundry,

triple your mileage on your car, forget to shower sometimes, can’t wait to sleep,

sometimes fall asleep at the computer- season.

I haven’t experienced a season like this in a few years; I partially attribute that to my side editing.

I’m racing with thoughts and ideas and then they’re interrupted with real paid work and then I get side tracked and then i remember about my cool idea

and dive back into it but then I remember I needed to do this and that and this and that and that and this…

…and before you know it i’m rocking back and forth in the fetal position in the corner crying and blabbering blather about file transfer rates and layer masks.

If you’re a photographer and you’re reading this you know the feeling of the popular meme

where the character says, “screw this! It’s friday!” and throws up a handful of papers, directly after that there’s a image of the same character picking up the papers (often replaced with “PSD” file icons) that says, “just kidding I’m a photographer we don’t have weekends.”

It’s. So. True.

So that’s why my 30-day photo challenge brought upon myself failed.

That’s why my efforts to boost my SEO failed, although I think it really worked when I was doing it.


With that said:


I suppose I have work to do.


Photo of the day: Day 24, AZ [ my own personal photo challenge ] Oh! MG Photography |South Phoenix Family & Children’s Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer

Day 24 : I’d love to shoot here again

that backdrop though! Well worth the park fee and well worth the drive. such a great sight, especially for nature lovers!

 Oh! MG Photography |South Phoenix Family & Children’s Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer

Photo of the day: Day 21, AZ[ my own personal photo challenge ] Oh! MG Photography |South Phoenix Family & Children’s Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer

Day 21 : pre-monsoon season clouds

While up in Flagstaff, I captured these pre-monsoon season clouds. Amazingly goofy and  abundant in number.

Tip for Arizona photographers: go places even when theres a chance of rain. You’ll thank yourself.

Oh! MG Photography |South Phoenix Family & Children’s Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer

Photo of the day: Day 20 [ my own personal photo challenge ] Oh! MG Photography |South Phoenix Family & Children’s Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer

line Day 20 : double vision

One day these two boys will be on the cover of GQ and I will have had taken their pictures years prior. Such sweet little men with a pretty awesome mom & dad. ( & if mom has her way, one of her boys will be married to my little girl! ;] *calm down husbands, i’m kidding… sorta*)

Family & Children’s Lifestyle and Portrait Photographerline