Oh! MG Photography Prices

Newborn Session

$300.00- 20 digitally enhanced, fully edited images - 3 hours – on-location, in-home


Newborn sessions are all about relaxation and cute moments.  I turn on my space heater, turn on my white noise machine, and get out all the adorable blankets, throws, and swaddlers that newborns look best in.  These sessions are meant to accommodate to the mothers nursing or feeding routine and the babies sleep schedule. In no way should a client ever feel rushed.  I dedicate a solid 3 hours to posing, and making the babies comfortable.

Newborn sessions are meant for infants 1day – 10 days old. Why so little and itty bitty?! Well as a baby grows, so does their stomach (literally). They cant do the bending and curling up that we all admire in photos of newborns. They also sleep like a charm after a feeding the longest in these first days of life.
Babies who are full are happiest, and I suggest feeding the baby RIGHT when you get here, or “topping off” after coming over just to send them into that deep slumber that lets me work my best!

50% due at contract, other 50% due at shoot.



Family, Children, and Couples Portrait Sessions

$250.00- 30 digitally enhanced, fully edited images – on-location


These three categories of portrait sessions are always fun, and are open to interpretation.  This can range from maternity, pregnancy announcement, 1st birthday smash cake, to your typical portraits.

I will travel 50 miles round trip for free, outside of that it’s .50/mi.

50% due at contract, other 50% due at shoot.

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