Photo of the day: Day 16 [ my own personal photo challenge ] Oh! MG Photography |South Phoenix Family & Children’s Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer


day 16 : family


we encountered the true test of “what the heck is there to do with a four-year-old-in-120-degree-weather this summer as we went through our first “Summer Break” with our daughter from preschool. When it’s 120 degrees outside you stretch yourself thin between housework, work work, vacation and trying to entertain the younger dependent children.  Lets just say we learned bowling is a good source of entertainment but only for about 10 frames.. then she gets bored is pretty much done.

Bowling in Phoenix Lifestyle Photographer Oh! MG Photography


Photo of the day: Day 15 [ my own personal photo challenge ] Oh! MG Photography |South Phoenix Family & Children’s Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer


day 15: glitter

This is my favorite backdrop of all time because it photographs so gorgeously and it’s SO FUN and girly!

Oh! MG Photography Phoenix Photographer


Photo of the day: Day 14 [ my own personal photo challenge ] Oh! MG Photography |South Phoenix Family & Children’s Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer

day 14: nature

while hiking in Sedona, this happened.Sedona, AZ Artistic Photo

Photo of the day: Day 13 [ my own personal photo challenge ] Oh! MG Photography |South Phoenix Family & Children’s Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer


Day 13: Papago Park, AZ

Papago Park here in Phoenix, AZ tries really hard to pretend like it’s not in the middle of an incredibly busy city and the desert.  it was one of the first places our family visited while visiting Phoenix and it will always be a super cool park in my eyes.
Papago Park Phoenix AZ Photographer Oh! MG Photography


Photo of the day: Day 12 [ my own personal photo challenge ] Oh! MG Photography |South Phoenix Family & Children’s Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer


Day 12 : Holidays

I really love taking holiday images like this! Wish I had more to share. Such a cutie.

Holiday Photo of Photographer Oh! MG Photography South Phoenix


Photo of the day: Day 10 [ my own personal photo challenge ] Oh! MG Photography |South Phoenix Family & Children’s Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer


Day 10: more than just a photograph

These are more than just photos to some. These are days that they got to be in the moment and just enjoy the occasion that I was hired for. This image is from a baptism I was hired to capture. Such a well behaved baby for just a special occasion (and that dress!!) Mom & dad didn’t have to worry about pictures and got to be in the moment. whether its a birthday or a baptism I think it’s wise to hire help in the photo department to take stress and pressure off the hosts or main party to better enjoy the memories!

Oh! MG Photography Phoenix Family Photographer


Photo of the day: Day 7 [ my own personal photo challenge ] Oh! MG Photography |South Phoenix Family & Children’s Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer


Day 7 : Negative Space


Sometimes, less is more. Sometimes, you don’t want to clutter a moment with insignificant things and focus on what is the real focus. There’s something about negative space that I love, and for that, I have extra love for this image!


Phoenix Photography Family Children Kids


Photo of the day: Day 2 [ my own personal photo challenge ] Oh! MG Photography |South Phoenix Family & Children’s Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer


Day #2 : Sedona, AZ

If you’ve never been to Sedona, AZ turn off your computer and get in your car right away.

One of my favorite run-away locations in Arizona thus far is Sedona. FOR OBVIOUS REASONS, it’s a real relaxing and magnificent sight to see.  This isn’t your typical “red rock” view of Sedona. This is the sights you see when you slow down and look out the car window driving through the side streets. We weren’t far from Oak Creek Canyon/Slide Rock I don’t think. All I know is we saw the sun illuminating that bridge you can barely see at the 1/3rd mark on the left hand of the frame an I just had to have a photo of it.

Go explore Arizona!

Day 2 Phoenix Photographer Family Photography


Photo of the day: Day 1 [ my own personal photo challenge ] Oh! MG Photography |South Phoenix Family & Children’s Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer

For 30 days I’m going to dig into my computer and find a photo I really love, either personal or business.

This is a personal challenge for me, to stick with something.  
Fingers Crossed! I gotta wake Google up and remind it I exist!


Day #1 : Hailey


She let me get her dressed up in overalls and a cute hair band for some images in the huge puddle outside our house and this one I don’t think ever saw the light of day, at least on Oh! MG Photography.

This is the last time she let me get her dressed up and do a shoot. She’s not completely cooperative all the time, is that a shocker?


South Phoenix Photographer Arizona AZ Children's and family Photographer



Plan a day with Vertuccio Farms in Mesa, AZ – Oh! MG Photography Southern Phoenix, AZ Family and Children’s Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer

I am so excited to say that I have teamed up for ONE DAY (maybe two!?) With Vertuccio Farms to offer

1/2 off admission when you book a

$50 mini session

with Oh! MG Photography!*

When we first moved to Phoenix last year this was one of the first places we visited as a family and it was a great time!

Come dressed as your Halloween character, come dressed as your adorable self. This is a great opportunity to get the family out of the house and spend some quality time together!

These mini sessions start at $50 ($25 dollar deposit due to reserve yourself a spot! Spots ARE limited!)

They include 2 digital images & the choice of one printed as an 8×10 (S&H included)

On top of some ravishing photos, you’ll receive 1/2 off general admission when visiting the Vertuccio Farm that day!

That’s a savings of $4.50 a person!

Vertuccio Farms and OhMG Photography Photographer Oct 18th

If you’d like to book your Vertuccio Mini session visit the market place where you can pick your time and pay your non-refundable deposit of $25.00.



never heard of Vertuccio Farms!? Shame on you! Visit to see what the hype is all about! I’ll tell you what, my favorite part last year was the EXTREME AIR PILLOW! yeah that’s my 6’5″ husband getting AIR with ease.  (these pictures are from my personal trip in 2013 and are in no way endorsed by Vertuccio Farms.)

Vertuccio Farms 2013Vertuccio Farms 2013Vertuccio Farms 2013

A Day In The Life of Oh! MG Photography – South Phoenix Family & Children’s Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer

My life is pretty ordinary. I mean I’ve got one kid, my husbands got a full time 9-5 (sorta) job, and I sorta work from home & act like a housewife.

We don’t have anything spectacular to share when it comes to day to day activities so I decided I’d spice up my boring day with my olloclip.

True story: this post was going to have REAL DSLR images on it. hi res. gorgeous edits. then I thought: thats not real life. What’s real life is raw, and noisy and not glorified. (and because I deleted the images I started on my camera from the morning.)

So here I present you some killer Olloimages.
My images start as I make my way to the school to pick up my baby girl. Welcome to my August 21st.


It looked like a it’d be a pretty gloomy day – it being monsoon season.



It makes for a perfect day to free-lens on an olloclip right?



You’re completely right, I need more coffee. So I stopped into Safeway for some Starbucks.

I was waiting for my coffee when a woman looked at my phone and was like- “Oh isn’t that cool, is that a lens?”

Yes, yes it is. Now let me tell you all about it in 1.4 minutes while we wait for my iced coffee.




Sat in the car, sipped coffee. and then it happened …

 the rain was only going to hold off for so long.

the sprinkles they came down and they came down hard, but I’ll tell you we braved that sprinkling like it was no body’s business.



Brought my baby doll home and popped in some Fish sticks for lunch, MMM.



I was then held at my will to play a game with my child, where she later threw a fit that I was winning and threw a pillow at the game.

During her time out, I did some editing.



When she cooled off, we played Legos.



I once again ran away, sanity in hand, to edit quickly between being a mom and slave to my daughter.



I decided letting her rollerblade outside could get out some energy she has pent up,

so we all but roped a pillow to her hind quarters and headed outside.



When she’s red in the face like that, it means the energy is escaping her.



Then it was off to teach her what belly muscles are and why we need them to balance.



 The reality hit me.

I was actually a grown up.

Not a playmate, or a Photoshop junkie.

Time for the household chores – PM edition.



One of my best friends has 4 legs and purrs, so what?



Those dishes got done, and I had to show you so you didn’t

pass judgment on me too quickly.



Made some Sodium-filled Velveta Mac n Cheese to go with

whatever I made – It was a very “whatever” dinner night.



I sat with my daughter at her kids table and talked crap about the stuffed the uncool stuffed animals

and raved about all the hottest trends in a 4 year olds life.


I am omitting the picture I have of my amazing husband passed out in bed, which he’s not aware I have

but I am so so so lucky and thankful to have him as someone to share my bed with and settle in for the night with, every night.

My life ain’t glam, it’s not perfect. But it’s sure a heck of a lot cooler through an #olloclip.

HAY! lets see what Nicole Marie Gulick-Causey of Nicole Gulick Photography in San Clemente CA is up to in her “A DAY IN THE LIFE” entry in this months blog circle!

PSA: “Because a CD doesn’t look nearly as good on your wall.” – Oh! MG Photography Ahwatukee, AZ Family and Children’s Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer

Right now, Oh! MG Photography is offering you an amazing deal on prints!

Something you really have to see to believe.

If you’re a past, present or future client you get to take advantage of 20% off prints!

Discount Prints Phoenix Arizona Photographer

just for you, 20% off! when you purchase prints through Oh! MG Photo.


If your walls are bare, I need to help you with that! No one likes a naked wall.

Here we go, now this looks way better than hanging a CD there (and a lot less awkward too!)


Melissa Garcia is a Family and Children’s Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer based out of South Phoenix serving the entire Valley Area.

Tempe, Chandler, Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Carefree, Scottsdale, Surprise, Peoria, Tolleson, Avondale.

Contact Oh! MG Photography for a session today!

(602) 730-1329

7 years of blissful marriage & plenty of family photos (how and why I take them)- Ahwatukee, AZ | Oh! MG Photography 2014

My husband and I have been married seven years now. <3Oh! MG Photography Anniversary Photographer Ahwatukee, AZ Oh! MG Photography Anniversary Photographer Ahwatukee, AZ


Nothing beats a self timer and anniversary selfies!


Speaking of, let’s talk about not caring about getting them PERFECT straight out of the camera. I feel like so much is uncertain when I am not physically behind the camera when the shutter goes off.

I set the timer to 10 seconds, then I program the camera take 5-9 images when we are taking family images. I underexposed the images on purpose most the time; it’s a lot easier to bring up a slight shadow or darkness in a .NEF/ Raw file oppose to living with a highlight that isn’t recoverable!

I NEVER shoot in .jpeg. ever. I also rarely care if I look glamourous.

Here’s Legoland, CA. This is a few years old, maybe 2? This is totally edited; I edited people out of the background and brightened it and got rid of bra straps. Stuff like that.  P.s. my kid’s adorable.  We found a trash can I could put my camera on, or something and sat on the bench across from it. bingo!

Oh! MG Photography | Family Trip Legoland, CA

Here’s one in Sedona, AZ shortly after we moved to Arizona.  We found a stump we could set the camera on, rotated a bench thats I think chained down, and walla.

Sedona Photography Oh! MG Photography Ahwatukee, AZ


This one is from Sleeping Bear Dunes State Park, MI #Puremichigan I saw a porch far enough back that if I shot with my 35 we would have plenty of space.  Or was it my 105? doubtful. Probably my 35. All i remember was this was a sprint to get in the frame and thats why my legs are all spread apart, because I was thinking of how to put my face and arms — not my legs!

Oh! MG Photography from Arizona in MIchigan


Here’s another one from Traverse City, Sleeping Bear Dunes area.  This one took a lot of brightening in the faces because of the hour we were out at. Camera was on a “DANGER” sign.

Oh! MG Photography in South Mountain, AZ


This is from easter this year before we went egg hunting at the neighbors.  Camera was on a tripod.

easter Photographer Oh! MG Photography Ahwatukee, AZ

This is from Roosevelt Lake this summer.  Camera was on a neat toadstool looking thing that was probably put there to place cameras on it for tourists.

Roosevelt Lake Oh! MG Photography Travels

here’s the Grand Canyon. This one was rough! High noon, antsy daughter. Lots of foreigners wanting to get where you are!  I had my camera on my camera bag but the camera started to slouch into the bag and the frame just kept going up, up up…Whatever see the California Condor?! Exactly. I can totally pretend this was meant to be a negative space image. /not. #youknowthetruth

Oh! MG Photography at Grand Canyon, AZ Ahwatukee Photographer

You see, you don’t have to make a family picture a painful experience.  I make it easy, fast. We get 9 out of the way and i pick one after swapping heads and removing things from pockets and such.


Take a challenge and take a picture of your family within the month still. FAST. PAINLESS. you can do it!

but for real, everyone’s a photographer these days — you can totally do this too. ;D

For more information on how to program your cameras self timer, I suggest googling EXACT TERMS: “___camera model___ Self Timer ” I typically find some really awesome tutorials. 9/10 chances are the person doing the tut has a brittish accent. #notsurewhy


My family will be able to look back at these one day and actually be IN the picture. Not just pictures of the things we saw on the trip but a picture of them ON it. I can NOT tell you how many of these we DON’T have from when I grew up. I grew up with a disposable camera glued to my hand. stuck. cemented. I forced my mom to fork over $20 so I could get them developed. It’s the only way I remember any of my childhood: photos.

I also lack, horribly, images of my mother and I together. And it’s something that when I’m 84 and maybe even gone that my daughter will look back and think “gosh i’m so lucky to have a crazy photo addicted mom who made a small photo documentary about everything in my life.”

These past events are for remembering in the future.  I may live in the now but  I want to remember the past.




you stay classy


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