Corbin is 1! A smash of a smash cake session – Oh! MG Photography | Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix AZ Family Photographer Oh! MG photography

A long long time ago (actually just a year ago) I took on a family session client that booked a grow-with-me package. I was new to town and really needed the clientele, income, and long-term exposure.  Little did I know how AMAZING the experience would be as well as how completely welcoming and lax they were as a family.

I met the Bell’s while they were due with Corbin last year. He was my last newborn  I ever shot! 1st-48 hour session in the hospital, Newborn session at home, 3mo session,  6 mo session, 9 mo session and finally his grand finale of a 1-year smash cake.

Since meeting them and getting to know them we’ve had play dates, i’ve gotten numerous referrals from them, they’ve gotten numerous Starbucks gift cards from me, and I got the honor of shooting their entire extended family when they are all in town.

Without further ado, I present you Corbin in his blue frosting face glory.
Phoenix AZ Family Photographer Oh! MG photography Phoenix AZ Family Photographer Oh! MG photography Phoenix AZ Family Photographer Oh! MG photography Phoenix AZ Family Photographer Oh! MG photography Phoenix AZ Family Photographer Oh! MG photography

Hang tight to see Corbin through the year in a review of our sessions coming to the blog soon!

“You are my sunshine. ” A Mommy & Me Session | Oh! MG Photography – Phoenix, AZ

You are my sunshine,


my only sunshine.  2015-05-11_0042You make me happy,
2015-05-11_0054 when skies are grey.2015-05-11_0064You’ll never know dear,
2015-05-11_0045How much I love you, 2015-05-11_0036

So please don’t take my sunshine away.Mom Concept_0067

my sunshine away.

Meeting the new addition to the Mink’s Family! – Oh! MG Photography| Phoenix, AZ

Oh! MG Photography Phoenix, AZ Photographer, Family, Kids

I’ve known this amazing little family since we lived in Twentynine Palms, CA. We just so happen to live in the same place – again!

They welcomed a new addition to their family and I got to help create memories. THIS is why I do what I do! I love being there for families. It’s an honor!

Best of luck with your sleepless nights to come, Becky! Nixon is adorable.

Oh! MG Photography Phoenix, AZ Photographer, Family, Kids Oh! MG Photography Phoenix, AZ Photographer, Family, Kids Oh! MG Photography Phoenix, AZ Photographer, Family, Kids Oh! MG Photography Phoenix, AZ Photographer, Family, Kids Oh! MG Photography Phoenix, AZ Photographer, Family, Kids

I may not offer Newborn sessions but I really love to visit families in the hospital! I offer Fresh 48 sessions in the Phoenix, AZ valley.  These sessions take place at the hospital while mom is still admitted and just before the journey home happens.

For more information on how book a Fresh 48 session, contact me! I’ve priced my sessions so that they may be gifted, affordably!! This is a great gift for someone expecting!!

I need your gorgeous family in front of my lens. -Oh! MG Photography, Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix AZ Childrens and Family Photographer

There comes a time every years where I need to create the perfect family for the perfect session so that I can have amazing marketing material and images I can blast on the internet (.. you can do that too for me!) and add to my portfolio. Not only this, but also carry out my 2015 mission statement of creating more households with professionally printed images.


Now, the common misconception is that it’s FREE!

Everything is FREE and we all dance on rainbows and pet unicorns.

UNFORTUNATELY, I have a totally different concept and approach that I am pitching to you.

( you get what you pay for when it’s free!)

 You see, in 2015 I told myself that my portrait clients would walk away with MORE.

More tangibles in their hands & homes, more love in their hearts for their own family, and more understanding of what a good experience with a photographer is.

I’m seeking 3 really amazing families who are open, willing, and excited to pair up with me in this venture.

The value of this is .. well, it’s pretty high. Do you want to really know the deal you’re getting?



Oh! MG Photography 16x 20 Art Block


  • A 16×20 art block (very similar to a canvas, except easier on wallets)  valued at over $150 dollars.
  • a 4×6 proof book of your gallery, spiral bound together to throw on your coffee table, or just brag about any where you go.
  • 45% off your images in the print store for prints or digital files!
  • 10 low res images with watermarks for the internet.

On top of the discounts you’ll get on everything you walk away with – for every family you refer to me after they see your amazing images, you get $5.00 to Target or Starbucks. (because I love shopping and coffee, and you should, too.) You’ll receive the $5.00 gift card after they put down a deposit for their session.



Your cost? $150. (plus tax)

Aren’t convinced?

Well – I’m not expecting just anyone to need my services or think of this as a deal.

but food for thought:

My full sessions cost $300.00, and that includes nothing besides digital files.

This would easily cost a client $495.00 when attaching the a la carte items I’m adding in this session.


Post this to your wall, and if someone says they saw it on your wall and book, you get that gift card!

“A” family : Family Session in Mesa, AZ – Oh! MG Photography | Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix AZ Childrens and Family Photographer

I had the awesome experience of checking out a new (to me) session location with a real good lookin family! I am IN LOVE with the views we had, and the lighting! When GREAT images come from it – nothing else matters to me!


If you liked the “A” Family, feel free to check out all my other families!

thats right– I give you permission to stalk the blog :D

Book a session with Oh! MG Photography in 2015!

Insta-era: The truth about applying filters on Instagram | Oh! MG Photography – Phoenix, AZ

I write this post out of opinion, but not out of hatred of anyone, or of experience (I live in blissful oblivion over here.).

I just want to open some peoples eyes in the nicest way possible.

If you’re a parent you will relate to the feeling of being unappreciated, transparent, or unheard. 

Here’s some food for thought.

Imagine having rearranged your living room and loving it. And then someone comes along and puts it a totally different way that has no feng shui, and looks pretty dumb. imagine painting a picture, and then somebody coming up behind you and being like “you doing this all wrong let me show you” and without even asking your permission completely turns your work into something else.

Imagine having an awesome plan for a family vacation only to have someone waltz in and break down all of your cool ideas– changing everything.

How many different ways do I have to put this? Let’s try one more…

Imagine investing thousands of dollars, time away from your family and children, hours on the road, and countless hours behind a computer. Only for somebody to say with their actions or their words, “that is all irrelevant to me, because I have an Instagram account. ”

What the hell are you talking about you crazy woman?

I am speaking the language of adding a Instagram filter to a photo that a photographer put time effort and invested knowledge into.

So let’s go back to the living room – – you just rearrange your living room and your husband comes in and he’s like, “this is dumb I’m changing it.” No! You don’t get to just walk in here after I busted my butt and rearrange the living room and tell me I did it all wrong.

Or how about that painting. Imagine you are creating a work to be hung in your entryway. Your daughter comes in and is like, ” well this is silly why didn’t you do it like this?” and thrashes paint on the canvas.

Now imagine you just had your photos done with a photographer. A photographer who drove 30 minutes to get to the shoot location, who spent 10 minutes in scoping out the area making sure the light was right and the ground wasn’t too moist, that there wasn’t a beehive that would attack you…A photographer who had to wrangle your children, had to pose your a goofy husband, had to make loud noises and funny faces at your dogs for them to look at the camera. A photographer who drove that 30 minutes home, who spent two hours on the computer editing your photo session, who spent the extra 30 minutes adding the final touch and uploading to a gallery site for you to view and share the images with friends and family. A photographer who spent the five minutes sending you the email and sharing the link with you as well as thanking you for your patronage.

Now imagine logging onto Facebook, or Instagram to see a preset filter applied to that work of art someone slaved over.


I added a filter to show you how far off it can look compared to the real deal.

This isn’t a representation of Oh! MG Photography and the style of my brand.

If I had gonads I would rather just ask you to kick me in them.

A few things that it says to me:
“I didn’t like your work.”
“This filter that took me two seconds to click looks better than your hours of invested time.”
“I’m better than you.”
“You should have done it like this.”
“I do not value your worth.”

Let’s make it clear: I’m not writing this out of anger, and I’m not writing this out of experience. I’m simply speaking for all the photographers out there who might seem to complain that their work simply goes unappreciated as well as ruined.

It is now the norm to add in a contract between photographer and client that you may not add Instagram filters or any other modifiers to an image to share on social media. Same goes in the occurrence if you choose to print.

This isn’t adding salt to a casserole.

This isn’t fixing your make up after having it done.

The difference is, when we create that image it is our property. You simply have the printing rights to it if they are granted to you. However, it stands to reason that when you contact a photographer you are commissioning them to create family portraits or portraits of the like for you to share; sort of like fine art.

I truly feel like I’m beating a dead horse right now. I also feel like 16 people will see this.

But I don’t care, I’m sick of seeing people complain that their work has been modified.

My Cat loves christmas & I don’t blame him [image]: Oh! MG Photography | Phoenix, AZ


A nice, warm cozy place to sleep with dim glowing lights. You’ll find him there for the next 30+ days if you need him. 2014-11-30_0001

Getting into the mood of the season – Oh! MG Photography | Phoenix, AZ

Oh! MG Photography

Today with my dad in town I decided now would be the best time to indulge in some sugar cookies and have fun while we make them, too. Ive never made successful sugar cookies, but this time I follwed a Martha Stewart recipe almost to the “T” & I think they turned out fabulous! Want that sugar cookie recipe? Here it is!

P family : Family Session in Glendale – Oh! MG Photography

welcome to Oh! MG Photography Family Phoenix AZ

The “P” Family

They’re receiving their images today.

It was such a great shoot!

They are one of those families that you hope decide to come back to you the next time they need a professional because they were so easy to work with. 



To see the rest of the P family visit their gallery at my portfolio page.

I successfully failed at a 30-day image challenge (and how!) – Oh! MG Photography |Phoenix, AZ

oh! MG Photography South Phoenix, AZ

So, with life the way it currently is, I tried to set unattainable goals and of course to no ones surprise I completely bombed just shy of the finishing line.

It was reminiscent of running a 200 meter dash in track and hitting the wall with just 50 meters to go.

I watched everyone pass the finish line as I was like WHY AM I SLOWING DOWN?

Here’s a hint:


It’s balls to the wall, go go go, make that money, make that dinner, fold that laundry,

triple your mileage on your car, forget to shower sometimes, can’t wait to sleep,

sometimes fall asleep at the computer- season.

I haven’t experienced a season like this in a few years; I partially attribute that to my side editing.

I’m racing with thoughts and ideas and then they’re interrupted with real paid work and then I get side tracked and then i remember about my cool idea

and dive back into it but then I remember I needed to do this and that and this and that and that and this…

…and before you know it i’m rocking back and forth in the fetal position in the corner crying and blabbering blather about file transfer rates and layer masks.

If you’re a photographer and you’re reading this you know the feeling of the popular meme

where the character says, “screw this! It’s friday!” and throws up a handful of papers, directly after that there’s a image of the same character picking up the papers (often replaced with “PSD” file icons) that says, “just kidding I’m a photographer we don’t have weekends.”

It’s. So. True.

So that’s why my 30-day photo challenge brought upon myself failed.

That’s why my efforts to boost my SEO failed, although I think it really worked when I was doing it.


With that said:


I suppose I have work to do.


Photo of the day: Day 19 [ my own personal photo challenge ] Oh! MG Photography |South Phoenix Family & Children’s Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer

lineDay 19: another classic

This is yet another favorite image, mostly because of the subject and how near and dear she is to my heart. But i think this is a gorgeous image besides the emotional attachment. The colors, the soft feel, the sharpness. Add pearls to any 2 year old and it’s gonna be a hit :) (this was taken in my favorite tree from my ‘old stomping grounds’ post, too!)

Photo of the day: Day 14 [ my own personal photo challenge ] Oh! MG Photography |South Phoenix Family & Children’s Lifestyle and Portrait Photographerline

Photo of the day: Day 17 [ my own personal photo challenge ] Oh! MG Photography |South Phoenix Family & Children’s Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer


day 17 : simplicity

Ever notice when you quiet the hustle and bustle around you and just look at what you’ve been given in life – the simple things in life are sometimes the most amazing and rewarding?  This is an image taken in the waiting area of Grimaldi’s Pizzeria. There’s so much love in my heart for her.

Photo of the day: Day 15 [ my own personal photo challenge ] Oh! MG Photography |South Phoenix Family & Children’s Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer

Photo of the day: Day 16 [ my own personal photo challenge ] Oh! MG Photography |South Phoenix Family & Children’s Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer


day 16 : family


we encountered the true test of “what the heck is there to do with a four-year-old-in-120-degree-weather this summer as we went through our first “Summer Break” with our daughter from preschool. When it’s 120 degrees outside you stretch yourself thin between housework, work work, vacation and trying to entertain the younger dependent children.  Lets just say we learned bowling is a good source of entertainment but only for about 10 frames.. then she gets bored is pretty much done.

Bowling in Phoenix Lifestyle Photographer Oh! MG Photography



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